*cough**spits out drink*

Donate? To Us? Is it our birthday?

Whatever your reason, we love you for helping us! We are a non profit group. All your donations go to hardware and server maintenance.

Please note the server is located in the Netherlands, so your donation will convert into Euros.

€5 in a single donation will get you a reserved status on our 7 Days To Die servers upon request.

Your reserved status duration will scale upon donation size but starts at 5 months. You are not buying a served slot, we are giving you reserved status to help you login to the server when busy and as a thank you for your donation to the community. This works by kicking the player with the least crafted items that has not donated so that a reserved status player can join. There are limits to how many can login even with a reserved status.

If you wish to donate, please donate to through Paypal.

Add which game and your in game name when donating so we know which player to open a reserved slot for. If you have any trouble or need to speak with an administrator / moderator, you can reach our admins in game, through the steam network, through our discord server or by our forum.