Blackwake – Oceans of Anarchy

“Fire the canons!” – Flying Dutchman

“Boarding, captain” – Mr. Wrong

“No tickets anymore!?” -Obsessive Compulsive

Oceans of Anarchy

Welcome aboard matey.  Strap yourself to the canons and prepare to fire. Blackwake is an early alpha game the World of Anarchy has begun hosting mid 2017. We have started with two servers and have loved getting to see more and more players getting to enjoy the rough seas with us. After some time and game development, we have changed the server hardware hosting this and reduced it to one server.

There is a Fleet mode server with max capacity 54 players.

We run all the hardware and will keep working and running this game for as long as the players keep coming.

Have some problems in game? Contact one of our admins from World of Anarchy through steam.

See you on the high seas matey.