The World Of Anarchy has been running for over two years now. Our first hosted game was 7 days to Die and continues to be our most popular server. Our main administrators started working as moderators on the Game Of Homes servers for 7 Days To Die early in the alpha phases. When the owner decided to shut down his servers, we decided to run a new server called Game Of Homies. Many of our long standing admins, moderators and players have come from both of these servers and continue to play today.

We have updated the hardware of the servers thanks to your donations and we continue to refine administration controls to gain a better experience for you all. Donations have been very important and tremendous help in developing the server to what it is now. We have a strict zero profit rule on donations. The owner decided early on to keep this about building a community of players that love to play games together. For that reason, all donations go towards upgrades to the hardware only. This means our moderators and administrators work for free. That means we work for you, the player, and our community.

As the game has progressed, so has our dedicated staff. We have had 35+ players train and become moderators or administrators tirelessly working at odd hours to keep it clean and accessible. One person we all have to thank for investing and operating the server is The Flying Dutchman. The Dutchman owns the current hardware to the server and works together with his team to expand and continue to build this community.

We hope to see you all in the World Of Anarchy.


World Of Anarchy Staff