7 Days To Die – Lands of Anarchy

PVP IP:  Port: 25570

 PVE IP:  Port: 25000

Lands of Anarchy PVP and PVE

Rules to playing in the Lands Of Anarchy

  1. Do not use hacks or scripts, dupe items, or exploit the game in its alpha stage. These are all cheats.
  2. Respect the administrators and moderators. Their chat text will show as red or green colour to you while in game.
  3. Do not grief players by spawn camping, gutting their base, or collapsing more than needed to get inside. Gutting is when you break all of their forges/workstations and drop all of their items from chests even though you do not want any of it. If a hacker did that, you would call it griefing, so let’s make an environment players want to keep playing in even after getting raided.


7 Days To Die is our first and most popular game. Thank you to all the players, administrators and moderators that have worked over the years to help build this community and keep our favorite game running.

If you want to help us bring more players in and get us rated as the number one 7 Days To Die server, please vote for us. After voting, you can use /reward while in game to receive a vote crate. Voting is limited to once a day.


Click here to vote PVP –> PVP Server

Click here to vote PVE –> PVE Server


We have a discord server. Click this link for an invite… https://discord.gg/am3szUR.

If you and your friends would like a private channel, ask one of our administrators through steam or discord about how to get one.